Special replay with Adam Gilad: "Doomed to Struggle?"

Essential listening if you’ve got nagging relationship snags: Doomed to Struggle?

Men’s love-guru Adam Gilad asks, “Is love some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Some people are lucky & others are doomed to struggle forever.” Why is love so hard for people at times? Yet when it’s so good at other times. Let’s untangle this mess together with authors Nathan Otto & Amber Lupton. They’ve come up with a method & understandings to clear up the confusion.

Also, here are your two free bonus trainings that we talk about on the call: “How to Listen to a Man” AND “Your Needs Inventory List


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In real evolutionary relationship, how we see it, is you usually have a sense right off the bat if you’re meant to go and do something. Because this is an experiential course, we want those who have that sense of calling– that they’re meant to be there. If you have that sense, then register now!

The upcoming intensive will be in February of 2013 in the Boulder, Colorado area. Raw food lunch plan will be available!

No matter how amazing your partnership, deep your love and profound your contribution, at times you are still frustrated by seemingly uncontrollable patterns of reaction, mediocrity, and pain in your most important intimate relationship. The Discipline of Love 4-day workshop unveils a new understanding, humor, compassion and most of all, transcendence, so that those mysterious patterns lose their power to disrupt your sex, love and intimacy. In the moment of that transcendence, you instantly discover a power to love, enjoy and accomplish that you didn’t even think was possible. You know your life and needs are sacred. What now seems impossible becomes possible. The patterns that arrest your attention are freed for your contribution.

In a highly active, interactive and participatory four days, you unmistakably experience profound love, connection, and transcendence toward the freedom and enjoyment of relationship that you intuit. You finish the workshop knowing how you enact habits of un-love, and exactly what to do instead, and how to do it!

Want a sneak peak?

  • Day 1 Breakthroughs In: Child, Adolescent, to Sacred Adult, Inner Critic, Conductivity Exercise with increased Body energy, Humor, Science of Light in Sex & the Body, Preparation for the next three initiations
  • Day 2 Breakthroughs In: Couples Initiation or Power with Others, Safety in Anger, Fear & Conflict, Clearing Ancestral Shame the Sabotages, What is worthy to defend
  • Day 3 Breakthroughs In: Women’s & Men’s Initiations, 1/2 day Men & Women seperate Rejuvenation Russian Spa, Transcendent Masculine & Feminine
  • Day 4 Breakthroughs In: Evolutionary Leaders Initiation, Global Peace Circle, Sacred Power

Still not certain? We 100% guarantee you will be deeply shifted at a root level. If, after attending all sessions, you are not satisfied, that same day you may ask for and receive a full refund of your ticket price. Register now and reserve your place!