“The level to which they craft all these different aspects of looking at love and relating is, I don’t know, I’ve never seen anything like that done before, and it’s opened me up.”

~Raj & Gabrielle Sundra, Business with Balance Coaches, Transformance 90-Day Game (watch the full-length video)

“They’re doing serious work on the planet, and they’re also infusing it with a sense of open, light-hearted play. I’ve learned so much from these two teachers.”

~Michael Ellsberg, Author, Power of Eye Contact and Education of Millionaires, Forbes

“If I had the opportunity to spend time with them in a coaching environment, and I could do it for less than every penny I’ll ever earn in the future, I would do it!”

~Alex Allman, Author, Revolutionary Sex

“Some of the biggest impacts that we’ve had in our relationship, some of our biggest abilities to get beyond the blocks or see a much larger frame of perspective when we were lost in a smaller one, came from Amber and Nathan and their loving intention on us.”

~Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell, Silicon Valley executive coaches and thought leaders

“It was such a joy to actually experience Nathan and Amber’s ‘need assessment’.”

~Alicia Dunam, Bestselling facilitator

Want more? One week after the Discipline of Love workshop in New York City, we asked a group of those who attended, “What’s working for you?” Here’s what they said: Bryan, Camronn, Eric, Gabrielle, Jennifer, Raj, Robert

The upcoming Discipline of Love Intensive will be in the Boulder, Colorado area, in February of 2013. Register now!