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Dan Sternof Beyer + Amber Lupton – The Kiss [download]

Joanne Gabriel + Alex Allman – Take Pleasure to Share Pleasure [download]

William DeAngelis + Amber Lupton + Nathan Otto – My Love [download]

San Jaya Prime + Amber Lupton – Live the Epic Love Story [download]

William DeAngelis + Amber Lupton – The Kama Sutra [download]

San Jaya Prime + Nathan Otto – Move Beyond Yourself for Ecstasy [download]

BasaN + Amber Lupton + Nathan Otto – Say What You Want [download]

GOTARD + Amber Lupton – Unbind My Love [download]

San Jaya Prime + Sarah Adler – (Rubaiyat) Wine + Lovers [download]

Monkee Monsta’ + Nathan Otto – Humor for Love and Freedom [download]