Yes, You Really Can Have EVERYTHING You've Dreamed Of In Your Relationship

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Alex Allman author of Revolutionary Sex“Nathan and Amber helped me straighten out so much about my relationships and sexuality, so fast, that I didn’t even know was possible. There’s so much that just takes care of itself now. And last week I got engaged!”
–Alex Allman, author, Revolutionary Sex

Can you clearly imagine that that magical, breathless, “in love” feeling that you’ve experienced at the beginning of a swooning crush? Or deep into a long-term intimacy, when you realize that your lover and you can go so much deeper in love, sex and enjoyment?

Can you presence that feeling of the moment you realize, and really “let in” that this person you have such a huge sexual, emotional, and altogether delicious crush on feels the same way about you?

The reality of relationship never seems to match up to that momentary feeling.  The world comes in, with all of its harshness, and the flaws and spiky reality of being humans with personalities begins to erode the dream.  The cynics say: “Being in a relationship is just trading loneliness for frustration and annoyance.”

What would it be worth in your life if instead of that disappointment, you could feel the truth of love in your relationship ALL OF THE TIME, and without fading; in fact having the power and the clear understanding of how to actually grow it, make it stronger and even more beautiful over time?  What if your relationship could contain even more authenticity, freedom, and edgy excitement as it matures?

What would you give to have the certainty of love in your heart, and the “power tools” that let you face everything together, but also quickly move through the inevitable low points, and to ninja those moments to deepen love and strengthen intimacy?

How would it feel to have a relationship that was filled with PLAYFUL FUN, deep trust, complete and open sharing, and breathless sexual excitement and connection?

For real.

After a lifetime of the most rigorous practices imaginable, this kind of relationship is literally second nature to my friends and mentors, Amber and Nathan.  But the price they paid, with time, sweat and emotional investment is more of a commitment than most people would ever have the opportunity (or inclination) to make in this lifetime.

Their new program, “The Discipline Of Love,” is the distillation of the very best and most effective parts of their learning and training to deliver a lifetime of disciplined learning and work to you in a single 4-day weekend.

This workshop is the deepest and most important work you can do in your relationship.  And the secret truth beneath under that, in my opinion, is it’s the most important work you can do in your life.

By attending this experiential workshop, you’ll discover:

  • How  to keep that “in love feeling” as a endless resource of inspiration and pleasure in your relationship forever… and in fact GROW the feeling to levels you never thought possible
  • The easy way to take all those things that feel bound-up, scary, denied, shameful, or impossible in emotion and sexuality in your relationship and make them sources of exhilaration and freedom
  • How to make the impossible possible in your relationship… the things you know you could never say… the things that you wish your lover would understand but you feel like you they never will… the things you fantasize about that you don’t couldn’t dream of sharing with anyone…  All of this will be made available in ways that will leave you literally shocked that you even considered missing this opportunity
  • The secret that will release the damaging emotional patterns in your relationship that keeps you disconnected from your partner…  All of those little frustrations and even the big betrayals that you feel can never be fully healed will be literally shredded like tissue paper by the powerful sense of truth that you and your partner will share in this workshop
  • The way to bring the sacred aspects of your relationship out of the closet of “vague feeling” and into the visible and very real world of your day to day life together

This is the transformation that I have seen Nathan and Amber DELIVER, over and over again.

This is the transformation that creates the biggest difference in the happiness, the effectiveness, and the transcendence of all of those that I have known who have taken the journey to get their relationship working in this way.

Why This Is Completely Different From Any “Relationship Seminar” You’ve Ever Heard About

The Discipline of Love four-day intensive plunges you into a world of truth and love that dissolves your limitations.

The difference between this work and other approaches is profound. Every other approach I’ve seen is about working to improve the relationship by working on the partners or directly on the relationship itself.  This ends up being a very difficult and unpleasant slog, because from the beginning, any approach like this is based on a presumption of separation and problem.

This implies that the ‘work’ is done when the ‘problem’ is solved.  This is backwards.

Instead it is relationship that IS the ‘work’, the very context, of intimacy.  Relationship itself IS the very thing to enjoy, to deepen, and to presume.

People treat intimacy like a thing that flares up once in a while. That’s absurd – intimacy is our constant ongoing state and condition.

The reason that people experience intimacy as something that fades with time is because intimacy is our condition before we say anything, before we do anything, before we bring our insecurities, bad habits, and stories of unlove into the mix and put layer upon layer of obscuring armor over our hearts.

Relationship is already a fact, already true. Nathan and Amber’s work shows you where you break this truth, and then pretend otherwise, and hurt each other profoundly based on habitual false presumptions.

By gently teasing out these habitual patterns of armoring, withdrawal, punishment and un-love that couples enact with each other, and by shining a light on them to make them conscious, it becomes simple to counter these active, habitual intrusions of un-love. Then you reveal the truth of intimacy and the desire for connection that lies beneath.

The two aspects of their work with intimacy are balanced:

First digging out and revealing habits of un-love that we do not yet know we are bringing to intimacy. These “hidden scripts” literally run your life and ruin your love! You know those moments when you can’t believe the kind of stuff that is coming out of your mouth, or your overwhelming feelings of fear, hopelessness, hurt, anger and betrayal? The stuff you want to take back, or get out of, but you’re too embarrassed, and anyway, it seems real! Amber and Nathan helped me get free of that stuff so fast, I can’t believe I ever used to suffer it.

And second, providing the profound experience of intimacy and love, over and over, in the container of an intensive workshop.

The combination of these two aspects of the conscious process together with the experience of profound intimacy, changes us permanently. Knowing the real depth of love in our intimates and in each person, we can no longer see the world as separate as it seemed before, and the heart’s yearning need for love is directly felt in each person we meet, and even more deeply and profoundly in our beloved intimates.

Each participant will leave the “Discipline of Love” Intensive with their own hand-tailored practices to counter their habits of un-love.  These are simple, easy practices, unique to each person, that are so highly targeted and  effective that you will wonder how you once struggled in giving and receiving total love.

    I invite you to join us for the most important weekend of your life

If you take a chance on your self and your partner (and I admit, this is a courageous move, because this stuff is scary for most of us), Nathan and Amber will take a chance with you and make this 100% refundable.  If you attend this workshop, and don’t get everything you want from it, they agreed that it would  feel completely right about the transaction if you requested your refund and then spent the money on something you feel might work better for your life and relationship.

If you are single, or if your current partner can’t attend, this workshop is still definitely something where you should listen to your heart’s truth and grab a spot. Because those seeking an epic and completely fulfilling relationship in the future can learn the skills and simple practices that will make you the most powerful lover and transform all of your future relationships. Nathan and Amber have told me story after story of women and men finding their life lover and intimate partner immediately after learning just a few of these powerful practices and insights.

   Why You Need To Take Action TODAY…

Please take action on this now.  If you are reading this letter is because you are someone who is already in our circle, someone Nathan & Amber really want to join them to create these intensive weekends…


This is not a “sales tactic” but a simple logistical reality. Nathan and Amber are able to offer this pre-enrollment special price only because after this week, they will be opening these seats for sale through trusted partners who get commissions for their efforts. So after this week their costs will double.

ONLY people who hear about this directly can take advantage of this. Because of this, it is my strongest recommendation that you sign up immediately for one of the dates below now before the price doubles next week.

This is the first time Nathan and Amber have opened their work up to be available in this way, and judging from the demand so far, this workshop is going to fill up as soon as they open it up to partners next week. So don’t hesitate to follow your true impulse now — just my friendly advice — because the availability and the price are not going to be as good for you next week.

I look forward to seeing you there!

For love and passion and radical aliveness,

Alex Allman
author of Revolutionary Sex

IN NEW YORK: October 5-8, 2012


Individual $1500 — ONLY Until August 15th
Couple $2500 — ONLY Until August 15th



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Price Per Couple

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Couple Pays

Aug. 1 to 15






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IN SAN FRANCISCO November 9-12, 2012

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