Amber Lupton and Nathan Otto offer the final video in this free training series on empathy...

Empathy Skill #5:
Your Needs Are a Valuable Gift

Last of 5 free videos to increase your empathy...

Peace strategists, executive coaches and Discipline of Love co-founders Nathan Otto and Amber Lupton give you the last of five videos to develop deeper empathy. Made in response to a local massacre by a lone gunman, Nathan and Amber are working to give everyone the tools of empathy. In the TV reports of the incident, a crime psychologist said, “The shooter showed a complete lack of empathy”. Nathan points out that the shooter most likely also experienced a complete lack of empathy, leading to his deadly spree.

In this Empathy Training Five, Amber and Nathan teach the fifth of the five steps to deep empathy: owning your real needs under your contribution. And, like in Empathy Training Four, there is a little surprise at the end of the video.    😉

As personality expert and evolutionary thought leader Camronn Huff said recently, “…empathy is most definitely a skill that can be acquired, in my experience. When you have it, everything changes.”