NATHAN OTTO has been invited to many international forums by global leaders such as former president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel and last state president of South Africa , F.W. De Klerk. He spoke at the Forum 2000 to 175 international dignitaries about the urgency for humanity to resolve our conflicts safely. He is the co-founder of the Safe Conflict Project (P5Y) and co-author of the book Give Peace A Deadline.

After creating and selling two Internet-based companies, Nathan Otto shifted his efforts to world peace. He is the grandson of visionary business leaders Bill and Vieve Gore, founders of the company that makes Gore-Tex fabric and numerous other products. He also leads corporate executive teams and inheritors on how to align their contributions to their deepest values.

AMBER LUPTON is the co-author of the book Give Peace A Deadline and co-founder of The Safe Conflict Project (P5Y), working directly with political leaders, the military and grassroots citizens to bring a measurable end to all major armed conflict. Amber has been a delegate for the United United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Conference exploring Global Human Values in Education. Albright, Paul Wolfowitz, Nobel Prize Laureates F.W. de Klerk and Shirin Ebadi, and other heads of state. Amber’s media interviews on this practical new approach to peace have been broadcast on every continent.

She began her spiritual journey as a child, being mentored by some of the foremost thought-leaders before her twenties. She is the architect of workshop-curriculums for women that helps deepen trust, nourishment and organize as a community. She has consistently applied new media technology to enhance personal development and effect global change. She is a Transformational Workshop Facilitator, Activist and Filmmaker, as well as privately consulting political and spiritual leaders.